PASA | PVSA rings
Best rings at the best price. Punched with the PASA logo and your personal registration code.

Order your rings updated and punch as required. It will never be necessary to discard outdated rings.

Perfect to determine at an early stage whether an egg is fertile without touching it.
Our current open rings will be replaced by a better quality open ring. It will be aluminium with a stainless steel spindle to close. It will still be for used for the adult African Grey and Amazon parrots that have no identification. Applicators for these rings will also be available. A photo will be placed soon.
Electronic Breeders Certificate is available at the office (Registered members only). Members will be able to number the certificate and are acceptable at auctions to prove that sexing was done by DNA. This certificate is available at the PASA office or Click here to Download.

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